A petition objecting to the proposed Bradford Bypass is now on the House of Commons website and is open for signatures.

You can sign it by clicking on this link.

The process is outlined in the graphic below.

The petition calls upon the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to designate the Bradford Bypass project for a full federal impact assessment through the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.

The petition closes on 6 February 2022.

Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill MP, Leah Taylor Roy, has come out strongly against the Bradford Bypass. On 6 December 2021 Newmarket councillors unanimously passed a resolution calling on the Province to carry out an environmental assessment before any work begins. In its absence Newmarket councillors want a Federal Impact Assessment. 

Newmarket-Aurora MP, Tony Van Bynen, has not said if he supports the position taken by Newmarket Council.

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Update on 10 January 2022: On Thursday 13 January 2022 at 9am, York Region's Committee of the Whole will be getting an update from the Ministry of Transportation Project Team on Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass.