Ring! Ring!

Ring! Ring!

I pick up the phone to hear my MP, Lois Brown, on the other end of the line.

It is Saturday morning around 9.30am and I am mightily impressed that Lois is calling to talk about Slessor Square.

Earlier in the week I am in touch with her office to be told she doesn’t comment on matters that fall within the jurisdiction of the Town.

Fair enough.

If she restricts all her public pronouncements to matters that fall within her Federal bailiwick then I can’t complain.

On the other hand she lives here and pays taxes here. Surely, I say, she must have a view on the biggest development Newmarket has ever seen.

Lois concedes she doesn’t want Newmarket to look like downtown Toronto.

The real villain of the piece is, apparently, the Places to Grow Act which she describes as

 the McGuinty Plan to move people out of the Toronto area.


Lois moves the conversation on to Glenway.

She explains that, back in the 1980s, there was a contract with the Town safeguarding the golf course for 25 years. Now, alas, time’s up.

Oh dear!

It’s all about a fusty old contract!

Her colleague, Frank Klees, doesn’t mention this. (see blog below)

Predictably, he blames the Places to Grow Act.

Par for the course, I’d say.